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The Only Solution For Imaging On Stone


PERFORMANCE COLOR - No other pictures on stone put in the color, detailand longevity like Glass Art does. Hand and laser etchings of your picture wear out in 5-10 years outdoors and in some cases, the sun, rain and snow wears those out in 2-3 years. 

EYE-CATCHING GLASS ART is a Part Of The Stone Itself. To create Glass Art we use our patented process to melt the stone and fuse pigments into it creating a strong, lasting bond to withstand the tests of time. Glass Art was tested by Atlas Laboratories in Chicago, IL for erosion, weathering and durability over time and they found that Glass Art and all of the colors used in Glass Art will outlast  our entire generation. During Glass Art's same great life span, etchings will need to be redone 5-10 times. Porcelains and bronzes will need to be cleaned each year at no small cost or replaced repeatedly due to breakage.

We stand behind our product from 3 locations nationwide including Elberton, GA, Hillsboro, OR and Barre, VT. Glass Art takes the maintenance out of outdoor pictures on stone, and was specially designed for granite projects for memorials, signage, landscaping and architecture. We  provide your best solution for imaging on stone for your next range of projects. Visit the Contact Us tab for information on how to get in touch with us by phone and email for pricing and to move forward with your project. We look forward to creating the most stunning and reliable stone imaging for you.

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